Go to http://www.wordle.net/ and click on "create". In the box type your poem and repeat the words that you want bigger (like your name). Copy the text in case you lose it! :). When you have finished typing the text click "Go" and you should see your wordle (java has to be enabled in your browser).
In the "language" menu click "remove common English words ( a, of, to etc) and change the colour and layout as you want. Then click "Save to public gallery" and put a title and your name. Copy the code at the bottom of the page. Come back to the 2LV1 students' wiki page and click "edit".
At the top click on "embed widget" and at the bottom choose "other". Paste the code there and save, then click save again and your wordle should now be in the student's page, good luck!! If you have a problem send me a short note!