Pentatonix-Evolution of Music

Across the Universe

sung by Rufus Wainwright
Work on prepositions


sung by Stevie Wonder
Gap-fill activity


sung by Amy Winehouse
Listening quiz

Feeling Good

sung by Nina Simone
Video listening quiz

You Are Not Alone

sung by Michael Jackson
Verb tenses

If I were a boy

sung by Beyoncé

I'm a Believer

1. Make sure a student knows the key words (slide 2)
2. Make up a love story in Past Simple using tips on Slide 3
3. Listen to the song with no lyrics.
4. Do the gap-fill exercise.

Karaoke-I'm a believer

Lots more on the site here
and on the EFL Classroom site here

Christmas Carols

! If you are in the singing spirit, you might try typing in the name of a Christmas carol (or part name) and having these guys sing for you! Lots of fun.

Activities with songs

Songs in Karaoke

Fever Peggy Lee
Imagine John Lennon
So Long Marianne Leonard Cohen
Come Together Beatles
Hey Jude
Let It Be
A Day In The Life
Under The Bridge Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Don't Worry Be Happy Bobby McFerrin

275 ESL Songs for teaching English
Batlyrics- find lyrics+see the video
LyricsTraining-a fun way to improve your English listening to songs
A Break in the Road-sounds from the street, mix your own
MyPopStudio-Create your own and add music+lyrics
LyricsMode-great site to find and print lyrics
ELLLO-listen to pop tunes+do exercises
Musical English lessons international
Songs in the EFL Classroom