Motivating secondary school students to learn languages through their music

PopuLLar is a European Union, funded, innovative, education project designed to harness music, the primary social interest of secondary school students, in to their language learning.
There is a huge need to motivate secondary school students, in particular, to learn languages, focus digital competencies and be creative; and music is the key.
The project will ask students to write their own lyrics to songs of their choice. They will then translate their songs in to the target language they are learning, The students will then record their song (audio or video) and share it with students all over Europe.
Students will be able to combine their love of music, with creativity, literacy, digital competencies, group collaboration and, most importantly, use LWULT languages. (Less Widely Used and Less Taught)
PopuLLar is a project that is 'Owned' by the students, they work autonomously and collaboratively, teachers are guides to the project process.

The website


1. Read the teacher guide (on the website)
2. See the student online flip book
3. Then show the students the online slip book and the let them look at some of the students videos in the playlist.
Ask the students if they could do better?
4. Later ask them if they would like to do the project as a whole class or break in to smaller groups?
5. Get the name/s they give to their group/s and send to me. I will make pages for them on the wiki site. The students should also know about the wiki, that is where they will show their work and choose another groups video to make their own version in phase 2. You should also register (real name) so you can login for the students so they can edit.

Student guide
Student questionnaire
Video guide
Facebook page